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Palo Santo (Burseara Graveolens) is a “sacred tree” used for centuries by the Incas and indigenous people of South America for a spiritual means of cleansing space, themselves and objects from negative energy, for grounding, meditation, relieving stress and depression, calming the soul and mind, preparing for ceremonies and rituals, for healing on the physical and mental level, for inspiration, as well as creating a harmonious atmosphere in the house as incense. Palo Santo has a delicate aroma of freshness with sweet woody notes of pine, cedar, aromatic herbs and citrus fruits, delicate mint and a very warm aroma of frankincense, its close relative. Spirit Ritual’s Palo Santo grows in the wildlife of Peru, in the Piura region and is produced in an ethical way of trees and branches, which have been produced naturally and were on Earth for 5-8 years before accumulating valuable resins and essential oils.

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How to use

    1. Light one end of the stick from the candle, hold it over an open fire for 20 seconds so that a glowing coal forms at the end of the stick.
    2. Remove the stick from the candle, letting it burn for about 30 more seconds, then blow out the fire by extinguishing the stick.
    3. If the stick does not produce enough smoke, fan the smoldering fire or re-ignite it.
    4. One stick is designed for multiple use, the number of times and burning time depends on its thickness and size.
    5. Use the tongs to light the Palo Santo stubs to avoid burns.

Use Palo Santo smoke as you wish – walk around the room with a smoking stick, or place the stick on a fireproof surface and enjoy the scent.

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